Monday, December 13, 2010

Hollywood Studios

Mia loves maps and she enjoyed plotting out our plan of attack each morning.  
I swear she and Andy share the same brain.  It's creepy.
 And then there's Bode.
 Hollywood Studios has the ride to ride if your kids like Toy Story.  It is so popular that the Fast Passes run out for the entire day in the first hour that the park is open.
 But not to fear.  Andy, the Disney Nazi, had a plan.  It was called run over small children, knock over expectant mothers, and do not give the handicapped the right-of-way.
 We like to lead our children by example.  
If you want something you have to fight for it.
 And it worked.
 Bode and I enjoyed watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einstein's Live show while the rest of the family attempted to defy death on a thrill ride.
 Mark this off of Bode's bucket list.
 And this.
 This was an awesome Honey I Shrunk The Kids themed playground.  Everything was ginormous.  
 We love this park.  A lot.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

It's so weird to hear it called Hollywood Studios now...but we always felt like it was our favorite. Do they still have the 3D muppet theatre?

Love that pic of you and Bode!

Kayla said...

Yes the muppets is still there!! We loved the toy story ride (I beat Wes!) I'm so bummed Zane didn't get to see Mater or Lightening Mcqueen. It must be new? Or we just missed it?! Darn.

Lori said...

MGM was our favorite ten years ago also. Can't wait to go back in February! Loved the Rockin' Rollercoaster and tolerated the Tower of Terror. Your pictures bring back so many memories...keep it up! If they only had the Matterhorn at Magic Kingdom like they do in Disneyland...

Nicole said...

Robert ran over to get fast passes for that ride too. Especially after Gena told us how fast the passes went. When we were there they ran out at 11. I am sooo glad we got to ride it!!! The highlight for A was meeting Buzz and Woody!