Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm over the Disney posts. They are starting to annoy me so I can't imagine how everyone else must feel.

So, we had several more days at Disney World.  Yada, yada, was fabulous.

Now on to more current events:
Mia was a reindeer in a school Christmas program.  I pretty much couldn't understand a single word of it but something about trouble on candy cane lane and, I know this will be quite a shocker but, Santa saved the day.
Unfortunately my very nice camera was acting all funky so this is really all I have to show for it.
 A big thank-you to Yaya for cranking out a a reindeer costume while we were away in that-place-I-am -no-longer-blogging-about-so-as-to-not-cross-too-far-over-the-obnoxious-line.
My camera fails me at my daughter's first Christmas program but is all corporative when it comes to feet and...
...psychotic Bode faces (because we don't have enough of them).
Hopefully the Canon will be back in full force for Mia's over-the-top school party tomorrow.  We shall see.


Alyssa said...

I am FOR the Disney posts. Keep them coming. I'm living vicariously.

Gena said...

Wow. School plays in Kindergarten. Impressive!