Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today I am not well. *UPDATED

Apparently the day before my daughter's first day of school is the day that I lose it emotionally.
It's also the day that I have to ask the guy in the Starbucks drive-through to get me a kleenex.
And the day I turned to food as a coping mechanism.  Namely chips, salsa, cookies, coke, coffee, pastries, and chocolate.  *Add to that ice cream and fettucini alfredo.
"Hold me."  I'm saying that, not her. 
Thankfully Grammie will be just down the hall.
Today is also the day for this little guy's third birthday, although he's convinced he's already three due to the early birthday party. 
"If you don't want to celebrate twice, it's your loss,"  I told him.  (Toddlers can be so unreasonable.)
I predict tomorrow will be the day that my lamaze breathing will finally be put to good use.


Sheree Franks said...

Tomorrow will be the day when you look for any excuse to hold your son because the daughter is gone. And you might have to go to Braums. That is exactly what I did on Darby's first day of Kindergarten. Also, make Andy take her - I can't drop them off on the first day - it's a killer every year.

Kayla said...

It's so easy once they come home and love it...and I'm sure she will!!

Alyssa said...

First days haven't gotten any easier for me. I take a ton of pictures and stand in the cafeteria sobbing as I watch his line walk down the hall.

Gena said...

YOU WILL MAKE IT! Come on over and have a meltdown in my living room. You'll be in good company! Love you.

D's Mom said...

Summer, I'm so with you! Delaney's first day of kindergarten is tomorrow and I really really really can't believe it. Hope I don't have a nervous breakdown when I drop her off. :)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like you are ready to me! You had your meltdown already, so enjoy! Sorry, we only allow one meltdown in our family... :) If that doesn't work go out for a long, hard run...and if that doesn't work...do the Braum's thing!

P.S. Judy looks way too young and cute to be a Grammie!