Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And she's off... kindergarten.
A close-up of the first day of school outfit:
Yaya made a custom "Oakdale Rockets" dress.
Our wonderful hairdresser and friend, Katie, provided the hair accessory.
I provided the annoying little brother.
Andy provided all the dominant genes.
Waiting for the school bell at the same school her Daddy attended.
For the sake of full disclosure I must tell you that she cried a little, as did I, but I made it to the car first.  
Andy was very relieved.  He had 9-1-1 on speed dial.
Now that I'm such a pro at this whole first day of school thing, I plan to vomit all my advice on all you Edmond School Moms, whether you want it or not.  
And here it is, drumroll please....prayer and chocolate. 
Good luck tomorrow!


jenn b said...

What sweet pictures! You can just sense her nervous excitement! She'll do great and have a ball! Have fun listening to all the first day details!

Lisa said...

You made it! She looks beautiful and so grown up. We'll be joining you on this crazy ride come Monday. Dear Lord, please help us!

Kayla said...

That YaYa is amazing! She is going to be the little school mascot!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

that IS the cutest dress ever! Sounds and looks like all went well!

Gena said...

Love that girl.

kj said...

so adorable!