Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Night Special

Finally, a dinner we all can enjoy (just ignore Mr. Cantankerous).  
If you do nothing else, make this sauce before you die (and love Jesus, of course).  
It's so easy it should not be delicious.  
But believe me, it is.  
You will not find its red-headed step-child, Ragu, in my home ever again.

It's so good you have to strip off all your clothes and close your eyes to eat it.
Or do a chicken dance.
It won't solve all your family's problems, but it does make them a tad bit more tolerable.


Gena said...

Your kids' faces are priceless. I'm so sorry Bode hasn't learned any of Mia's expressions.

kj said...

I have told you this before but my girls are required to eat any red sauce pasta topless at the house. It's not pretty...but it is much less stressful for me.

Yes it's a habit they need to stop before...oh...their first prom. I fully realize that.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

oh, I will have to try that! Sounds simple and delicious. Found out that Tuscan food (central Italy) is not really that spicy and their food is very fresh and simple on our trip!