Monday, July 12, 2010

If you ever need someone to feed 1,500 people in 20 minutes on a shoe-string budget just call us.

We'll tell you no, but feel free to call us anyway.  We've got all kinds of advice.
Andrea, the calm and collected one.  
Randon's not too proud for trash-duty so he's a keeper (he also happens to be insanely tech-savvy)

The unsuspecting newbies.  They were too naive to know what they were getting themselves into but they were perfectly capable of running the show themselves, trust me. (and yes, she always looks that cute, even with hamburger grease and baked bean juice all over her.  She's also super smart, organized and always in a positive mood.  I didn't want to believe this combination was possible.)
Dear MRCC Building Planning People, If you ever decide to build a new kitchen or renovate an old one at church, please bring these two on as consultants.  I promise they've spent more time in the Summit kitchen than anyone else.  In fact, Scott may have slept there Saturday night.
We are the couple that you screen phone calls from because you are afraid we are going to try and rope you into helping us with another huge project.  And more than likely, we are (We don't even answer phone calls from each other anymore).
And I'd shamelessly beg these people to help do it all over again....and I probably will.


kj said...

you guys rocked it!!! (no shock there) GREAT JOB!!!

Anonymous said...


Sara said...

Congrats on a job well done! I was really impressed with the operation. Glad you got to enjoy a celebration dinner out!

Andrea said...

I have the most amazing time with you guys!!! I secretly enjoy the craziness (but ONLY once a year :-)