Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

My thoughts are so jumbled and mixed up today that I feel like I can barely function. I think I may even be in a partially vegetative state. I don't have a reason except that I am a normal person in charge of two little human beings, trying to keep it all together and do it all right.

Andy and I decided that we would do our family devotional at supper time instead of right before bed. Mia wants to zone in front of the boob tube right before bed, she doesn't want to get spiritual. And it was starting to make me feel weird, or bad, or whatever when she would throw a fit and beg to not hear a bible story. It just wasn't right. So now we are attempting to sit at the table and do it while supper is cooking. I guess we will have to eat supper together at least once a year for this to work properly.

It's just one of those days. I am thinking about supper and what I can cook that the kids will eat, and I am thinking about how awesome it would be to have little black hexagon tiles on our bathroom floors with white subway tiles in the shower, and I am thinking about my kids and how much I don't want Mia to go to school at all - ever, which leads me to think about friends and how much I hope and pray that my kids are surrounded by good influences.

It's all inside this head of mine just swirling around making me tired and giving me a headache, which makes me think about brain tumors.

I need to quit thinking.

And start praying.


Gena said...

Don't sweat it girl. You have had way too much time to think today. In the words of the great Governor of California: "It's NOT a TUH-mah." (it's not a tumor)

Elizabeth Mullins said...

You said exactly what I was thinking about the food stuff. I sometimes wonder if I can get that right. I worry that they don't get enough of the good stuff. I honestly get tired of wasting the good stuff, but not enough to call it quits. Thinking is a dangerous thing!

My Baby Boutique said...

I hear ya. I'm in a week-long funk. I think my husband's starting to question my mental and emotional fortitude. You're right about another thing...prayer is just what I need.

Kayla said...

I think we should all go on a cruise and have the men handle the kids for a week....someone will have to pick up my tab though!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Give yourself a break right now! I always have to take a week "off" when school starts and ends and stop and think about things. The whole family has to readust to the new schedule. I actually set some goals for myself during the school year.