Wednesday, November 12, 2008

These are a few of his favorite things

Loving his sister (okay, maybe more like taking a running start and attacking her):

Playing with Mia's teaset (okay, maybe picking it up and hurling it over his head):

And, wonder of wonders, he is obsessed with this candle. I think he is secretly plotting to burn the house down.

After he bit completely through his lip Monday and continued to play at full speed with blood dripping out of both sides of his mouth like Dracula, I think it is confirmed that he is just your average terror, who owes me a new sweater and a carpet cleaning (I never knew so much blood could gush out of a baby's mouth).


Tonya Tuggle said...

It seems like just yesterday YOU were the one pregnant and I was not. I think I liked that situation better :) Can't believe he is so big!

Lesley said...

He is the cutest thing!! I love him!

Gena said...

Love that boy.

Holly said...

Thanks for remembering...even if it did take a while =) I can't wait to go to the witch doctor since everyone already thinks we go to the voodoo doctor (our chiropractor, also a natural medicine pucher =) He treated Keely for food allergies.)

I have women's bible study on Tuesday night so I will miss our first walk.