Monday, June 9, 2008

My Soy-Milk Babies

It may taste like grass, but these kids love it! Personally, I want to gag just smelling the stuff, but not as much as I want to gag cleaning up the diarrhea after one of my kids drinks cows milk, so I think we will just stick to our $7.00 a gallon grass juice. And you thought your milk was getting expensive. These kids are drinking away their college funds!


Amanda said...

I hear ya sister. Our milk is about $7 a gallon as well, depending on the exchange rate. That's for the refrigerated kind, the shelf milk is less, but I have a hard time getting my mind buying milk off the shelf. Love watching the kiddos grow.

Lisa said...

And wouldn't you know that Ethan won't drink the wal-mart brand soy - just the Silk. Spoiled kid.