Saturday, February 16, 2008

"I'll have the puke, with a side of vomit"

I am officially nominating my sister for Woman of the Year and here's why: Remember what you did the night before your wedding? It probably didn't involve getting puked on by your nephew, holding your sister's hair back while she puked, getting puked on by your niece, helping to shampoo all the puke out of the carpet, making a 10:30 PM medicine run, and finally running to the bathroom yourself to puke. If it did, please call my sister to co-sponsor the "bachelorette night from hell" support group. Maresa, if you never speak to us again, it will be too soon. My amazing sister had a beautiful wedding despite all her family members shooting up phenergen throughout the entire ceremony and dinner.
Poor Mia was a trooper, even though she looks like this in most of the pictures:
And as a going away present, we passed the virus on to Jeff, who was getting sick by the time they left for the honeymoon.
And somehow my sister still loves us.


Gena said...

Oh, man. I thought about you guys all day. At least she didn't pass out at the altar! Let me know if you all need anything. I've become a pro at shopping for sick people.

Drew said...

oh. my. gosh. I don't know how i managed not to get sick from you when I was in OKC. I wouldnt touch your family now with a 10.5 foot poll!

The Rieger Family said...

LOVE the pettiskirt btw. Hope it was a wonderful day and they salvage their honeymoon. You may owe them a vacation :-)!!!

Laurie said...

Despite all of this, Maresa looks beautiful!

DeeDee said...

I am sorry that I can't stop smiling about your night from hell. There is never a dull moment at your house!