Friday, December 28, 2007

Obligatory Christmas Post

It was your typical day full of gluttony and all things made in China that will inevitably be recalled. Mia's highlight was her Madeline doll, books, and videos. Bode got a cool-mist humidifier - just what he didn't know he always wanted.

Me like robots:


Michelle.... said...

Hey Summer!
Cute pics of Mia in the snow! I keep seeing a quik clip of you and Mia on TV....although not your first appearance I understand :) Hope your staying warm today!

Gena said...

Hey girl. Just sending this to you before I go to bed. Sorry I haven't called. Greyson sort of got a stomach bug after Christmas - much better now. Cute pics of the snow and robots. :)

I expect to see you at the big New Year's Eve bash. Maybe we can get some good shots of Mia and Raegan dancing.

Shauna said...

Ok - I think I found something for you...did I already comment here?? Not sure! Email me when you can:


Shauna said...
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