Thursday, September 20, 2007

"The princesses came to Oklahoma, by real!"

This is the first thing Mia told me when she got home from the greatest date of her life. Andy took Mia to the fair and bought ring side tickets to see the Disney Princesses on Ice.
Since Mia thinks that all beautiful princesses live in Florida (this was all I could come up with one day when asked), she was pretty excited when Andy told her that the princesses were going on a trip and were stopping in Oklahoma. We told her this the other night at dinner and she responded by saying, "If they do come here, I will give them a bite of my taco." She is always putting others before herself.I swear Mia looks like Andy in drag.Needless to say, Andy is the clear favorite at this point. But what's new.


Drew said...

HAHA, I love that you just said your daughter looks like Andy in drag. Your blog is seriously one of my favorites. It cracks me up.

Thank you so much for your comment. It means so much to me that you are praying for me. I am going to need it to get me through the next two years!

ps. I hope dr. oneal starts to read your blog now that he has access to the link! We both better watch what we say now haha:)

DeeDee said...

Awe - what a sweet thing for Andy to do. What a special Father/Daughter time for them!

D's Mom said...

SO adorable! Isn't it so great to watch the two of them together?! I love seeing Troy with Delaney. :)