Saturday, September 1, 2007

The horn on the head goes beep, beep, beep

In case you haven't noticed, Bode has a cephalic hematoma on his head. We have affectionately named it "the horn." It is less than beautiful, but thankfully it is harmless and should go away in several months, although everyone I have talked to whose child has had one of these said it took several years. With the rate of hair growth in our family (mine grows 1/100th of an inch a year and as you can tell Mia's is about the same) the horn may be pretty obvious for quite some time. The cause of the horn was labeled "trauma at birth" although I will challenge him any day on who had the more traumatic experience - him or me.
Anyway, a few people have sheepishly asked about the big thing on his head so I thought I would just clear the air. Andy wants to put a tiny little top hat on it and I realize that some may think that is a little over the line but we say, "Rock the horn, Bode. It makes you unique and cool, so just go ahead and rock it."


Drew said...

Sometimes I feel the need to point out a huge pimple on my face cause I know that everyone is looking. Rock the horn Bode!

D's Mom said...

I hadn't noticed in other photos. He's a handsome guy regardless. :)