Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This kid is actually saving me money

It's kind of awesome when your kid can create gifts for people so you don't have to buy them. I plan to use her artistic abilities for my own personal gain for a very long time. 

Mia created these quirky little sketches for my nephew's nursery:
 I do not understand how she thinks of this stuff. 
And she didn't copy any of it - she just created it out of the clear blue. 

And I love that these have a little bit of humor in them. Look at that one eyebrow up:
 Weston's all, "I guess they'll do." 


Aubrie said...

LOVE those!! and love Weston's smug little, chubby grin.

laura jo said...

As is Mia couldn't be any more amazing!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Love those! The elephant reminds me of Babar books. Has she ever read those? Way below her level now, but she might like them if she likes elephants in clothes. :)