Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Elisha and the Seven Sneezes

This girl is a maniac for projects. 
When it came time for her to complete her 5th grade portfolio in Journey Land (our amazing elementary program at church), she was all over it.
I would have taken a picture of her and her Dad working on her video but that would have made the slightest bit of noise, which was completely unacceptable. Bode and I weren't allowed to speak (or move) for a week.
Once, a friend called to see if Mia could come over to play and she and Andy both exclaimed, "This is prime lighting time, we don't go anywhere during prime lighting time. You know that!" After being reprimanded I shirked back to my bedroom where I had been relegated to during "prime lighting time."
Finally, after hours of building a lego set, recording and re-recording audio (Andy: Mia, the inflection in your voice is, frankly, pretty flat. Try again.), and over 1,400 pictures, I present Mia's first stop-motion video:
Elisha and the Seven Sneezes
The above pictures are all Mia cares about - her friends and random children loved it. This girl will probably never be rich (She is an artist after all. We are counting on Bode to take care of us financially.), but I am sure that whatever she decides to do with her life will be complicated, very detailed, difficult, and bring joy to everyone who experiences it.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I think every parent should give their kid a project like this in the summer! Definite cure for boredom. Love it!

Michelle said...

Yes, I think I'll have to have my kids do some sort of Bible project, I really loved hers! Great job on supporting her and obeying all the rules!!

Lori said...

That was incredible! I would not have the first clue how to do a stop action video. And somehow I never knew about the seven sneezes...