Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Last Day

This year's last day of school was overshadowed by torrential downpours and tornadoes. So really, it was just another day in Oklahoma.

Bode loved first grade and had a mad crush on his teacher, which is turning into a theme. For her end-of-the-year- gift, he insisted on going to the Cracker Barrel to get her some of those tiny bottles of pancake syrup. No amount of arguing could talk him out of it. 

He nailed it on the "finish the famous phrase" assignment because diamonds are a girl's life.
First day:
Last day:
Mia smugly let us know that 4th graders don't have ridiculous and juvenile things like "end of the year" parties at school. She then asked me to take her to Sonic because it wasn't fair that Bode got to eat all of those treats at school and she didn't.

The best advice I can give mothers of tween-agers: Bite your tongue.

Summer break is officially here. My goal is to accomplish as little as possible. So far so good.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Who are those long-legged kids?