Thursday, April 9, 2015

National Parks

We hit three National Parks on our journey through the West and all three were amazing. This was certainly the highlight. Growing up, my dad didn't think it was a vacation unless you were surrounded by black bears in Yellowstone with no access to a phone, so the National Parks were a must-see for me.

The first one we went to was the Petrified National Forrest and Painted Dessert:
 To quote Bode, "That's some really old wood."
 It was a different kind of beauty. The sunset was gorgeous.
 We saw all we needed to see of this park in a couple of hours.

Next was a classic, The Grand Canyon:
 If you're afraid of heights, this is basically the most terrifying place on earth.
At one point, while I was sitting in the car hyperventilating, I threatened to call the police if Andy didn't move my kids away from the edge.
 The kids loved it. I survived it.

And finally, my personal favorite, The Sequoia National Forrest:
 If you're from Oklahoma, where your trees are the size of sticks, this place will blow your mind.
Bode, holding an Oklahoma tree:
 Largest tree in the world (and a perfect representation of my kids' personalities):

I really could have drug my family through this forrest for a week. The trails and hiking were right up my ally.
Bode was genuinely offended that there wasn't a Braum's in the middle of the forrest. He couldn't wrap his brain around it. And Mia was genuinely offended that he could suggest something so ridiculous.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Classic. Especially the windy hair picture.

Michelle said...

I'd mostly be offended there wasn't a Starbucks! We are potentially planning a trip out that way next summer!