Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beige is boring

And I would know because my entire house is boring beige (I'm pretty sure that's the name of it). My husband told me when we moved that he wasn't painting it and to not even ask. So I didn't.

This is the powder room.
 It really didn't even have a mirror when we moved in. 
It's dated, but thankfully it isn't too offensive so I can live with it for now (or until Andy leaves town again). 

For years I have wanted to paint something black and white. I probably have cataracts or something because I love stark, contrasting colors.
According to Pinterest this was supposed to take me two hours. Pinterest is a lying you-know-what. I painted the walls the same color as the trim just to make things easier. It took three coats of white to cover up the beige. By the second coat I lost interest and quit trying. So, basically, paint got everywhere.

The only way to tape off stripes is to bribe your friend with dinner to come and help you. This is a two person job and the person I married refused to have anything to do with this, the punk. 

According to my research (which consisted of a Google search and opening up the very first hit) odd numbers are good, even numbers are weird. Be sure and mark the stripes you are not painting with an extra piece of tape so you don't get confused and start painting them. This definitely would have happened to me (see above paragraph, key words "lost interest").
And here ya go - my non-beige bathroom! Me likee. (except those weird light fixtures, which are getting replaced ASAP).
This room is also going to be my display room for Mia's art over the years. I plan to cover the walls from floor to ceiling with all of her favorite pieces. The big one with all the white space (which isn't real art according to Mia) is the first thing Mia painted when she was barely four. 
This also happens to be Mia's and my manicure bathroom. You can get high on fumes in here once a week.
 This was my Christmas gift to my sweet Ahmo on my very first Christmas - that's my handprint at 6  months.
 That's Mia's 3rd grade self portrait, an abstract and a pencil sketch.
Who can resist this ornery face? Certainly not me.
This is not the project for the perfectionist. It's very non-perfect, which is just fine with me.
I officially love this bathroom. If it were a person I'd take it to Vegas and marry it.
 Quirky and simple. Two words that define my life and my home.


ann said...

Love it!

Aubrie said...

OOoooo, love it.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

yes, I love it too!

OK Chick said...

It looks great!!!

Tessa said...

Not to be a copy cat, but I love it,too. Great display for the art.

Chellie said...

I love a good before and after! Looks great! Stripes are a pain -- we did them in our old house.

Candice said...

Looks Awesome!