Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Reasons Why I'm Sick of Seeing the 10 Reasons I'm Getting it Wrong

Lemmetellyou, Facebook is the devil. Or at least it can be. Just this morning while scrolling through my news feed I see links to the following articles:

7 reasons why a wife injures her husband and doesn’t even know it
10 ways to teach your daughter to be kind
5 secrets to a better marriage
8 ways you shame your kids
10 ways to balance work and home life
10 reasons why you’re losing the battle and don’t even know it
5 ways to pray for your husbands
10 ways to pray for your kid
20 ways to pray for the world
50 reasons why you’re not enough
15 ways to get your kids to listen to you
20 reasons why your kids aren’t listening to you get the point. It. Is. Ridiculous. I'm losing battles I didn't even know I was fighting, I'm ruining my husband's life without realizing it, I'm shaming my kids, my work life and home life are out of balance, and my kids will never listen to me.

I did not need 50 articles on Facebook to tell me this.

It has never been more obvious to me that this is a fallen world and we will never get it completely right because we are human. We are sinners. And we need grace.

I fear that we have become more dependent on Facebook links to give us life advice than we have on the bible, or our church community, or our trusted mentors.

Which begs the question: Is Facebook becoming our bible? Our community? Our main source of wisdom and guidance?

If I'm honest with myself I would have to say....I can't even say it. It's just shameful.

So here are ten reasons to quit depending on Facebook as your main source of information.

1. For the love of God, it's Facebook.
2. None of the articles on Facebook are inspired by God. (but the Bible is!)
3. Facebook is a time sucker. 
4. You can't believe everything you read. One person's personal experience can be powerful and       inspirational but should not necessarily be taken as law (Case in point, this blog post).
5. It's all just so stinkin' guilt inducing.
6. Self-help articles are not a replacement for real help. If your marriage is in trouble don't depend on a two page article to fix it. Get some help!
7. Nothing should replace the advice, divine help, and inspired, living word of the Bible. Period.
8. No matter how hard you try, you aren't going to get everything right. You're just not. And that's okay.
9. You're never going to be content without the grace and freedom that Jesus offers. 
10. See number 1.

I'm preaching to myself here. I'm not going to click on any more Facebook links that promise to make my life easier, my waistline thinner, or my kids happier. I'm going to seek answers to life's difficult questions from the One who made my life. 

And I'm also going to fail at this occasionally. And that, too, is okay.


Tessa said...

PREACH ON SISTER! This is so true! Love! Love! Love!!!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

AMEN. I rarely click on anything anymore besides my friends pictures.

OK Chick said...

I agree! IT's enough with the self help articles. While we're at,no everyone is not a winner. LIFE IS HARD so start praying!!!!

Lori said...

It's easy for this to happen with Twitter too. Thanks for the reminder to go to the One and the Book with all the answers and, sometimes, to the trusted people God provides.

emma said...

What's funny is that after reading this, I wanted to link it to my facebook page, but that would be an oxymoron. LOL I totally agree and think this is a great article!