Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter is the new Spring

Today was so beautiful that I told my children if they did not leave the house for the afternoon I would throw away all the sugar and toys in the entire house.  They decided it wasn't worth the risk and went to explore the woods at the end of our culdesac.  

Of course this took longer to dress for than it did to actually explore.  Who needs scouts when you live with Mia?  These little nerds were prepared for anything.  They had one giant walking stick, one sword, a sun hat, a bandana, a package of yogurt raisins, one water bottle, a notebook, two pens, 75 cents, and a bible.  
By the way, Bode has worn that jersey for 6 days in a row only taking it off to shower and for Sunday morning church.  I don't even care that he wore it to school multiple days in a row.  Did you hear that?  It doesn't bother me one little bit.  I am choosing my battles and this isn't one of them.  Look how in control of this motherhood thing I am?  I'm totally high-fiving myself right now.  (If Mia ever tries to pull a stunt like this I will kill her.)
Mia has discovered Pinterest which means I am completely out of tape, flour, paint, cardboard, kleenex boxes, foam, sharpies, glitter, glue, paper towels, magnets, and pretty much everything else she has decided to turn into a project.
 Today she made moon sand (eight parts flour to one part baby oil).  I'm also out of flour.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Cracking me up!!! Mia and Bode would be great to have on TREK!

Gena said...

Love everything about this post and those two nerdy kids. Can't wait to forage with them over here someday!