Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I think Bode may be the only honest person left.

In case you haven't been on Facebook in the last month, or you're dead, then you may not have noticed this is the time of year when we reflect on what we're thankful for.

Sunday night our kids made adorable little trees and are supposed to write what they are thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving.  

*I interrupt this story to say that I'm thankful for my friend, Andrea, for organizing this project for our kids while I stuffed my face with food that she cooked.  Have I mentioned she has four children, two of whom were born in the past two years?  {I realize this makes me look like lazy jerk.  But, at least I'm thankful for her.  A thankful, lazy jerk is better than just a regular lazy jerk, right?  Right?}

Anyway, my point is that yesterday Bode went to his little handmade tree and asked how to spell "cards with money in them." 

And it's still the only thing on his tree.

This kid is thankful for cold, hard cash.  And that's it.
And this is why I love him:  He goes ahead and puts in writing what the rest of us are too polite to say.


Michelle said...

Cooper brought home a what I'm thankful turkey from school today with 5 feathers on it....He's thankful for Baxter, Jake, Grandma, Grandad, and Dad.....Baxter and Jake are dogs....

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I think boys, especially, are really good at that.

Catherine said...

Oh, Summer! I know there's a good chance you will not see this until the next 5 weekends have passed, but I have to say it. RE: your comment on Andrea. I said to Tim, "Oh! Summer and I could TOTALLY be friends! We'd sit around chatting in messy houses, kids running wild with nothing constructive to do, and have nothing to eat but PBJ. But at least we'd 'get' each other!" Now honestly, I've no idea how messy your house is. I only ever see it being gorgeous in blog posts, and a bit of me wants to hate you for it. But I always pretend you just photograph the clean pretty parts; and then I'm okay. I have at least 3 friends I can think of who have more to do than me (at least I THINK they do), their houses always look awesome, they have people over for kid project time, they feed us good food..... and I'm so glad to know I'm not the only "jerk" around. :-) But I also am a thankful jerk, so yes, I think that's at least a bit better -- (although for me there IS a dash of self- loathing thrown in, if I'm being brutally honest). But I keep telling myself that "I have things to contribute too. Surely I have SOMETHING to contribute. Someday I'll figure out what it is, because: I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people LIKE me." Also, on Bode's thankfulness -- that's just funny, I don't care who you are! And pretty cute.