Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Knowles are awesome.

I am sure when the Knowles agreed to go to Brazil with us they were slightly terrified.
 Because, you know, it's us. 
 I don't want to spend 17 days with us, so I can't imagine how they must have felt.
Thankfully, they were willing to face their fears and I attempted to hide my crazy for the first 24 hours, and by the grace of God it all just kind of worked.
It helped that our kids are all at the glorious ages where things like this are not awkward or inappropriate in the least.
And they learned how to entertain themselves and each other during the many hours that they had to sit through church services and events in Portuguese.
After ten planes and countless bus, van, and taxi rides these kids just learned to roll with things. 

 They made up all kinds of bizarre games that almost always ended with someone in tears.
 There was no shortage of face squeezing, 
 hand jives, 

and super-annoying slapping/hitting/fighting episodes.
So basically they acted just like they do at home.
 Well, except for getting to see one of the natural wonders of the world. 
 It's so weird how none of those are in Oklahoma.

 Personally, I was so, so blessed to experience this with them.
 And I was so, so proud of the way these lil' punks handled themselves, all things considered.
 Corben was gracious enough to tolerate Bode's worshipping of him.  It was quite a sacrifice.

 They genuinely enjoyed each other
 which kept these two Mommas from having to sell one of them to the Brazilian mafia.
I know without a doubt that the Lord brought all of us together
 for such a wonderful time as this.


Gena said...

I need to know more about this face squeezing. Ninja fighting I get. So glad you guys got to go together and experience that together. The kids will have those memories for a lifetime.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm sure having each other there was comforting in those awkward moments!

Allison Harms said...

I love it!