Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break, more of the same

We had no plans for spring break, which was just as well since it poured most of the week.
I did waste Dr. Stephen's time and took Mia to the doctor just for kicks.  

 Last time I ignored her tummy ache complaints for a month only to find out she had strep, so to ease my guilt I heard her cough once and rushed her in.   
 Of course it was nothing.
 Dr. Stephens was all, "Yah, it looks like she coughed once."  
 I am sure as soon as we left the nurse immediately flagged her chart with whatever the universal code for "crazy mother" is.  I have no doubt there is one.  It's probably the first code they learn in medical school.
Thankfully, we spent a lot of times in tents, at Sonic, and in Chickasha with the grandparents.  Which translates to a successful spring break.


Michelle said...

spending spring break with the grandparents is the best isn't it? I didn't have to worry about my older 2 one bit!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Didn't Mia teach all those boys to read too?

Glad you all had some good down-time!

Aubrie said...

I'm totally stealing that pic of Mia and Simon.