Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is a public service announcement.

Just say no to gummy snacks.  
 Just say yes to flossing.
Bode had to have three cavities filled today.  That's right, folks, three.  One for every year he has had teeth.  And we have no one to blame but ourselves.

It wasn't so bad if you enjoy holding your son down with all your strength for a solid hour while he screams bloody-murder.

At one point I leaned over to Andy (who was also practically laying on top of Bode) and said, "This is our own fault, you know."

To which he responded, "We've never claimed to be good parents, and no one has ever accused us of it."


But seriously, who hasn't bribed their kid with a pack or two of gummy snacks to buy themselves five more glorious, uninterrupted minutes on pinterest?  I buy the ones with the 100% daily recommended dose of vitamin C, so I actually consider them vitamins.

And trying to floss Bode is like trying to wrestle a pig.  In your head it seems doable but in actuality it is disgusting and impossible.

Welp, not anymore my friends.  My laziness and general apathy will no longer come at my own child's expense.  There will be flossing songs and flossing cheers and flossing dances in this house.  And from now on, our vitamin C will come from an orange.

Parenting fail #234,345.


Emily said...

Cason has three cavities. He is going to OU children's hospital and will be put under general anesthesia, thus blowing up our insurance deductibles. He doesn't like anything "gummy" but does have a fondness for skittles and cokes. I blame his dad too.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Last I knew, Edmond does NOT have fluoride in it's water supply. Maybe that is the culprit! Plus some kids have better teeth than others. So give yourself a break!

Chellie said...

I see this in my future too. You might try those flossers on a stick (maybe you have?) Brixton thinks they are kind of fun to play with.

Lisa said...

I admit, Karli also has had 3 cavities filled already too! And now she is taking extra flouride supplements because of the lack of flouride she was getting! So its not just you!

Dara Wills said...

I have to admit,after reading this I totally wanted gummies! Poor little guy :( I think the lesson to be learned is for the parents to eat the gummies, not the kids!

Gena said...

He is so unbelievably sweetly pathetic when he is sad. That last picture breaks my heart (and sort of makes me laugh). Sorry Bodester.

Edmund Falkner said...

Those sweet snacks are okay... as long as you don't overdo the amount and keep the teeth clean afterward. Anyway, don't stress yourself out with flossing. It can be tough to get used to it, so keep a steady pace with the habit and slowly get Bode and you guys used to the flossing business. Good luck!

Kristen Marlin said...

Flossing is good, especially at his young age. That will certainly help him develop even better oral habits as he grows older. You did a great job letting him experience what it feels like to visit a dentist. It is also an achievement on his part to surpass the dental procedure!