Sunday, September 4, 2011

The "awkward arms" pose - we've all been there.

Sometimes we just can't figure out what to do with those crazy arms.
Mia's latest asian inspired "Yaya Original" dress and ankle boots {Gap}.

 And all I can say for this picture is at least "Janky" isn't showing.
Janky is my pet name for Bode's rotten tooth.  
I have to laugh about it so I won't cry.

The garage sale was a complete success thanks to ten creepers that were lurking by my garage door at 6:30 AM Friday morning.  It went so well, in fact, that I had nothing left to sell on Saturday.  So I went shopping. 


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Would you stop? She's adorable! Awkward is really 10 -14 year olds! And some occasional others. I have a feeling I'll be eating my words since I just said that.

Kayla said...

was Wes's brother one of those creepers!? he was pretty excited about his buy!!

ann said...

I just saw a dating show where the guy "prize" had a janky tooth. Hooray that Bode's is a baby tooth!

OK Chick said...

I dig the boots

ann said...

UPDATE- now seen 2 janky tooth guys on the same dating show. So no worries- Bode definitely has a solid future on Jerry Springer's new dating show- Baggage.