Thursday, May 20, 2010

What 10:40 PM looks like

I peeked in on Mia as I was making my way to bed and found her reading all by herself.  
She was thrilled that I insisted on documenting the event.
She can't resist the silly face picture and insists on re-taking it until it meets her standards.
 It sometimes takes hours.
She's not a fan of clothing.
I try to tell her that someday this may become an issue.  
Like at her first slumber party.

But then again, confidence is everything.

Concerning my previous post: Although Andy referred to it as "an all-new low" he agreed that the table was fabulous and that we must have it immediately.  
Ok maybe those weren't his exact words...
The good news is that I am number 50 billion on the waiting list and it should arrive about the time I move into the nursing home.
Mission Accomplished!


Gena said...

She read Raegan's Fancy Nancy's all during her lesson yesterday. It was so sweet. Her only complaint was that Greyson's enormous feet were in her space. Can't blame her. ;)

kj said...

this is how our girls sleep too, and they also eat spaghetti topless too....(I make them order pizza when we go to Olive Garden!) ; )

Wa Wa Waughs said...

.Wow, if you can catch her reading books late at night, that's great!!!

Kayla said...

Av loves fancy nancy too! However, she must wear fabulous jammies to bed...