Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Found this on my camera today

I love the Father, with Belle's cape on, holding out his arm as if he is Jesus preaching to the masses.  I think I will pretend that is exactly what this little dollhouse set-up was intended to be:  Jesus preaching to the Pez dispensers and random naked black fairy.  How precious. 
It kinda makes me miss my little girl, who has been with her Yaya and DD for the past couple of days.  I am confident that neither of my children are missing me, which is exactly as it should be.


Natalie Hudkins said...

So that's why you had the luxury of Target shopping by yourself! Funny picture. Funny kid.

Lucas Ross said...

still, it's better than this: http://www.youthblog.org/nativity%20ducks.jpg