Sunday, November 22, 2009

You're about to get really tired of this play - UPDATED

because there will be nothing else going on in our lives besides A Christmas Carol until Christmas Eve - literally.

Little did I know when Mia auditioned at the Pollard that this show ran for an entire month. Even littler (is that a word?) did I know that she would actually get cast and be in every single Friday and Saturday night performance at her bedtime, 8:00 PM.

However, anyone that has ever met Mia would know that she would ab-so-lute-ly love this play, that she would eat, sleep, and breathe this baby.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet The Widow's Daughter, or Penelope Brown, as she likes to refer to herself (technically the widow's daughter does not have a 'real' name in the play but Mia could not accept that, thus Penelope).
Here is some green room action (which if I have to spend year after year sitting in this little room it's going to get a makeover, or at the very least a coffee maker):Her acting mentor, Kristin:
The "turkey boy" (he doesn't have name either but he is cool with that):
Tiny Tim, Penelope, and Turkey Boy:
If you are looking for a great holiday play this season come to the Pollard on a Friday or Saturday night, I guarantee you won't regret it.
*I just found out that friends and family of "The Penelope Brown" get half priced tickets. Let me know if you want to come and I will hook you up!


Gena said...

You're a good Mom. The only person this will be hard on is you. And the car.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yes, that Green Room definitely needs a makeover! Have fun!

Kayla said...

Oh my, I couldn't imagine. I told Wes we need to get some tickets!

The Bristers said...

What a small world....Kristin is my next door neighbor. Well to my parents at least.

Heather said...

We have to go see this!! I have been looking forward to it since she told me about it at Sonshine school!!!

Alyssa said...

I would love to see Mia on stage! Do they let newborns into the theatre?

Runningmama said...

I would LOVE to see this! I've been a Mia fan ever since her internet debut of "Popular."