Monday, October 5, 2009

Father Daughter Date

And by the way, this guy is taking me to Mexico in 7 days. Woot!
I just love a man in pink.


Alyssa said...

Where did they go and what did they do? Have fun in Mexico! And yes, you totally should sign Mia up for the drama class. I know she would love it!

Erick said...

I love the glasses...they are very "Val Kilmer" Top Gunnish.

Talk to me goose.

Gena said...

From the look on Mia's face during that entire play, I expect I'll be seeing her there someday. She was captivated.

Gena said...

And, right. I vote no to 6 little kids at Jason's Deli. We shall let them eat trash from now on. (Mckie D's)