Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's settled - we're selling the house and buying a boat

Apparently pontoon boats give off coma inducing fumes. Bode has never been so calm and still in his entire life. Ever. The kid acted stoned the entire time. He just sat there in a stupor, occasionally passing out and then coming to again. I. loved. it.

Seriously, he wasn't this relaxed after anasthesia.

Mia too, was comatose for a while and then decided to show us all up with her death defying water skills.

I said many a prayer on that boat today. Some were of the "please don't let that little girl kill herself" variety. But mostly they were prayers of sheer thanksgiving and praise. That crazy boy was still for almost 4 hours, and that can only be an act of God.


The Rieger Family said...

Don't you love it! Cadon did that on the boat last year. We would start it up and seconds later he was out. Four wheelers had the same effect.

When you need a break or a good nap, call us up. We have a boat, we can go! Seriously!

Rebecca said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple weeks now and I think you are so hilarious! Thank you for putting into words the things the rest of us mothers are thinking! Love it! Have a great day (:

D's Mom said...

You got some cute photos! The one of Mia laying there with the sunglasses is too cute.